My Projects

My Projects & Groups I'm Affiliated With

My Own Personal Online Projects:
DrGAKMAN Network (consisting of this blog @ Blogger, my YouTube, my facebook and formerly my MySpace, Yahoo GeoCities, AOL HomeTown as well as other past interweb hang-outs of the past, I even had my own chatroom & BBS there for a while)
MYSTERY ministries
Nintendo AGENDA

Future Projects for my job @ GAMESWAP:
3DS StreetPass meet-up, Amsh Bros. Tounement, etc.
Things my friends have created that I've been a part of:
independent b movie (werewolf of Ohio, Frankenstein's Monster, The Sadness, my own cancelled project: "The Succubus" amongst others, with plans for the future)
Baron Von Porkchop (my own segment in the planning stages called "Daily Dose Of DrGAKMAN")
Dayton Board Game Society (private group of friends playing games)

Voice Acting, Sound Effects & Singing (Central Park Media, Anime 18, Kitty & ADV auditions, singing/Karaoke  on YouTube)
Terry's House, Mary's House, Judy's House & Other Audio Recording Adventures
Nintendo Crew Self-Made Mini-Magazines
Prominent Forum Poster/Writer For: NintendoNext (later NintendoNation), Nntendojo, PlanetGAMECUBE (later Planet Nintendo), GoNintendo & Gaming-Age Forums (later NeoGAF)
School Projects (Art Classes, Mario Pant TV projects, etc.)
Communications Media classes (WKET, WKET-TV, DATV/MVCC, "Fairmont Wrestling Federation", "Young Knights" radio drama)
"secrets of the universe..." (all encompassing fanfics)
Anti-Porn Alternative (Mellony Ann Juicey, squirtworthy, happy cucumber, etc.)
Boy Scouts Of America, Troop 236, Panthers
Coonskin Cap Brigade & Jr Angler's Club

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