My Beliefs

I'm an adamant and ardent believer in the triune God of the Bible (consisting of Father, Son & Spirit), Christ's payment of our sin-debt with his death, burial & resurrection and that the source of this information is contained within the Authorized King James Version of the Bible.

When people know this about me, I'm instantly labeled as "religious" among other man-made worldly titles, but I am not religious.  I don't adhere to any religious rituals, Sabbaths, new moons or Holy days nor do I wear a funny hat or belong to any denomination (including non-denominational churches) as I also do not go to a "church" at all.  Organized religion is an oxymoron...and when you study the origins of most aspects of organized religion you will see that they are rooted by the men of this world and not by the God of the universe.

I have strong beliefs and a personal belief system, but I am not religious!  I don't like or prescribe to any labels as it's almost like cattle-branding humans and subcategorizing them into demographical groups that say nothing of their individuality or personality.  I don't even like the label of "Christian" as I believe that term has been greatly deluded from: "Christ believer and follower" to a more worldly: "good or religious person" definition.

God doesn't look down upon the circle of the Earth and see atheists, Catholics, Hindu, Muslims, Humanists, etc., He either see's your name in the Lamb's Book of Life or he doesn't!  You are either saved and sealed by the Holy Spirit of promise or you are lost!  It's not your words, works, deeds, religion, politics, gender, ethnicity, nationality, etc. that he cares about, it's whether you accept the free gift of Salvation through Christ he offers or reject it.  The choice is yours.

I have many other beliefs that have led me to these and other conclusions that I will post here on this page, but this it what I'm posting for now...stay tuned.

Wanting Theory
People believe what they want to believe.  It has nothing to do with truth or proof or evidence because you can find that any belief system out there has their own set of evidence and arguments for their ideals or against opposing ideals.  One man's proof is another man's coincidence.  There are some people who want (or don't want) something to be true that they can even believe that the Holocaust never happened amongst other outrageous things.

When applied specifically to belief systems this theory suddenly becomes fact as many people will want something so badly that they ignore all else.  A simpler example would be someone who is in love with someone who is obviously abusive towards them...we've all seen it and it seems there is no convincing these individuals of the truth.  Atheists probably feel this way about theists.

What I would ask any theist or atheist to do is to truly study their evidence and proof and ask themselves: "Do I believe because of this, or because I want to?"

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