May 21, 2006

Loudness- Searching for ODIN (Photon Sailer Starlight AMV)

The ODIN movie is rather average as Japanimation's go, sorta got that classic 1985 feel though. The music is pretty good if you're into that sort of thing (as I am), but this song just exploded my mind durring the credits of the movie...it was totally unexpected that they'd break out with a psuedo music video durring the end credits! I realize that with Japanimations like BubbleGum Crisis (one of my favorites) and Cutey Honey, there was this outreach to try to appeal to American's by making Japanese/English lyrics in alot of thier OST's, but this song just absolutly takes the cheesecake. I mean look, it's like a Japanese RATT, and listen to how the lead singer says "I'm searching for ODIN, it's my dweeem" and later breaks out in a rock opera yell/scream...absoutly hilarious & classic.

The name of the group is Loudness featuring Minoru Niihara on vocals & Akira Takasaki on guitar. Thanks to the guys at YouTube for the info!


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