June 08, 2013

Nintendo E3 2013 Preview

I guess this is my way of doing a “preview” for Nintendo’s E3 2013 showing.  I had to stop myself from saying Nintendo’s “pre-show” since Nintendo is not having a live pre-show this year.  Some would say that’s a sign of weakness, or Nintendo’s lack of relevance in the “gaming industry” or blab bla bla, but I think it’s just that E3 and the “gaming industry” as a whole that are becoming less and less relevant.  Not that I want to go on a tangent about the impending video game “crash” as this post is about Nintendo’s E3 2013, but I’ll probably make posts about that later.  While partly, I’m sad there won’t be a big live traditional E3 pre-show event for Nintendo this year I understand completely why they’ve decided to do their own thing (Nintendo Direct) instead.

The “industry” at large has it in for Nintendo, so I think it’s best for Nintendo to play by their own rules here, especially when the other two hardware competitors will likely have huge over-the-top press and presentations for their next consoles…so, it’s just best to stay out of that aspect of it.  Nintendo doing their own thing this year means they won’t have to worry about gaming industry “journalists” pissing on their parades as much.  The Nintendo Directs are usually pretty good and I’ve heard there will be a “main” one hour one probably in place of a live pre-show with other smaller Nintendo Directs throughout the rest of E3.

Plus many Best Buys will be holding “Nintendo Experiences” events during E3 complete with Luigi “swag” and playable demos of Wii U titles that will release in the future.  I’m hoping to be able to get off work and go to the Fairfield, Ohio Best Buy this coming Saturday to do this, but I have to line up a ride since busses don’t go through Beavercreek.

As far as Nintendo’s E3 games itself, hrmmm…I used to theorize about how Nintendo would do their pre-show every year and was brainstorming about this one up and until they announced they were not doing one this year.  But I’ll continue to theorize here in this post.  Before they said they weren’t doing a live pre-show I imagine they’d have a big show to “compete” with their competitors next consoles and they’d be all about games.  I “dreamed” that they’d have 10 big games and the idea of how they’d be announced was that each one would be numbered like say:
1) Some new franchise
2) Bayonetta 2
3) Pikmin 3
4) Super Smash Bros. Free 4 All
5) GTA V
6) Resident Evil (5 and) 6 Wii U Edition
7) Final Fantasy 7 remake
8) Mario Kart 8
9) ???
10) “X” and or Dragon Quest 10

Yeah, I know, crazy…I guess there’s reasons as to why I thought these and why they could or couldn’t happen, but I think I’ll be more realistic now.  We’re expecting (or speculating) that the next (3D) Mario, Mario Kart and Smash Bros. will be there as well as some surprises like Retro Studio’s new game so I guess I’ll give some thoughts on those to stay realistic.  I’m hoping the next (3D) Mario would have a 3D over world map connecting tons of 2D levels, basically a mix of both 2D & 3D Mario’s as I think that would sell more Wii U’s.  I like the idea of mixing 2D & 3D together in those franchises that had been in both, but this post isn’t about that…so, more realistically, the next (3D) Mario will probably be “Super Mario Universe” taking it a step above Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 instead.  Mario Kart, I think, needs something new, but I dunno know what Nintendo will do with that...some rumors of adding newcomers from 3RD parties like Sega with Sonic, but who knows?  Retro Studio’s new game is hopefully there, whatever it is.  Part of me would love a Metroid Prime 4 or anything Metroid from them, but if not that then I like the rumor of a Star Tropics revival from them.

The one I’m most excited for (as is most everyone else) is the next Super Smash Bros., but I have worries about what they’re planning too.  To me, they shouldn’t mess with what works, just add MORE.  More content, more Nintendo history, more characters, more items (especially trophies & PokeBalls) more levels, more newcomers from 3RD parties (like Mega Man or Simon Belmont, etc.)…just, more!  Also, improve online play and don’t be afraid of dlc and/or NFC (near field connection) figurine characters as time goes on to keep the game fresh.  That’s what I think most people want, but I’m afraid they’re gonna change the next game too much in part ‘cos of what Sakurai has already said, Namco/Bandai’s Tekken team being involved and that there’s a 3DS version of the game too.  I fear that they may make this traditionally 2D fighter into a 3D fighter like Sakurai did with the multiplayer fighting in the 3DS Kid Icarus game.

Rumors abound as it is E3 season, but there’s two other things I’d like to touch on: 1) Square Enix seems to be holding a conference at the exact same time as Nintendo’s show floor (not the main Nintendo Direct) press event which could mean nothing or they're being Sony shills & 2) everyone thinks this is a make or break thing for Nintendo, but it really isn’t…the state of the “industry”, Nintendo and the Wii U are topics all their own, but I think people are writing Nintendo & Wii U off too much.  While it isn’t and probably won’t ever touch the success of the original Wii, that’s not to say Nintendo is hurting, they could coast on Gamecube-level success and still be okay.

Thanks for reading, E3 starts in a couple days, so we’ll see…
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