February 08, 2006

ASIA 25TH Anniversary News

ASIA is my favorite band and big things are happenning. There are 2 main ASIA era's: the Wetton era inwhere John Wetton was the frontman and the Payne era inwhere John Payne took his place. The Payne era is no more now though as Geoff Downes & John Payne have parted ways. Geoff Downes is working again with John Wetton on the ICON project which then led to Carl Palmer & Steve Howe reuniting to reform the supergroup. It should be noted that this is the first time since *1983* that Steve Howe & John Wetton will be working together and it also marks the first time since then that all four original members are now back together. A true ASIA fans dream.

John Payne & Geoff Downes have parted ways and wish each other luck in one another's ventures. The original ASIA is reuniting for a U.S. tour and possibly a live album, DVD and studio album as well. Payne is taking Guthrie Goven and some of the work that was to be his next ASIA album (The Architect Of Time) and creating his own band.

Here's to ASIA, the Payne era and the Wetton era...let's wish them all luck in whatever they do!


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