February 08, 2006

The Postal Service- Such Great Heights

I told my friend from work (Justin) that I was a fan of Jenny Lewis and he told me about The Postal Service. I guess that The Postal Service was a prelude to Rilo Kiley? Very good tunes I've heard from them so far, I got some videos of some of their songs (in hopes of seeing a glipse of Jenny Lewis, which I didn't sadly, as the videos I've got so far don't show the band at all (but you can clearly hear her voice, especially at the end when the last "come down now" is being sung)). There were some oddball things I noticed (I love useless info) like the music is featured in an M&M commersial and there's also footage that seems to be done in much the same way from the music video into the recent Intel/Mac collaboration commersials (where they're making chips/wafers in a hi-tech lab).

I'd like to find out more about this band and any relation to Rilo Kiley/Jenny Lewis (like what is the exact relation to Death Cab For Cutie?). Someone also told me that this song was a remake of someone elses song? Iron & Wine...who are they?


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