April 16, 2006

NDS Lite Conference- Japanese Media Coverage With Joke Translation

Nintendo recently held a Nintendo DS Lite Conference to announce the upcoming "Lite" edition of the NDS as well as some new peripherals & games for the platform. This video is of a news report, but someone made a joke translation of what the reporters were saying. There's alot of Nintendo/Japanese humor in the fake translation, but to reiterate to those who don't know, the NDS is kicking ass...especially in Japan. At the NDS Lite conference, more details were given about upcoming games (New Super Mario Bros., Nintendo Tetris DS, Metroid: Prime Hunters as well as the much anticipated Secret Of Mana sequel: Children Of Mana by Square ENIX) and surprizingly 2 peripherals for the NDS that make it more than just a game machine. The first is a Digital TV Tuner which will allow the NDS to become a wireless Digital TV. The other is Opera (popular amoungst celphone web browsers) software which will allow the NDS internet access. The new revision of the NDS is called the NDS Lite because it's 30% smaller than the original NDS and has lighting that's adjustable and way brighter than the current NDS. To top it off, the new NDS Lite looks alot like the Revolution, is made of sleek matte material and has a slightly better battery life & faster recharge time than the current NDS.


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